Alcohol- toxicology case study

Alcohol is an organic compound  hydroxyl functional group attached to a saturated carbon molecules. There are different types of alcohol e.g. isopropyl, methyl, ethanol and butyl alcohol. Alcohol term is generally referred to ethanol/ ethyl alcohol. Ethanol has been consumed in diluted concentration for so many generations. other types of alcohols are not consumed as they are know to be toxic even in very small  quantity. Other alcohols are used in chemistry labs and industrial products like lotions, cleaning products and sanitisers.

Beverages that mix alcohol are wines, beer, whisky, Brandy, Gin and Liqueurs. Alcohols are consumed in almost all parts of the world and has been a part of  culture and traditions in many social groups. However, alcohol also has medical consequences and has been increasing over years.

In my upcoming posts I will be researching how alcohol is metabolized by human body and its effects.